What is Rules Version 1.1?

Summary of the updated rules changes:

- System is now A-BCDE-F, where E (ELIMINATE) and F (FORWARD) are new, allowing the option to ELIMINATE exactly 1 non-Terror card from your hand on your turn by trashing it. Also, you may always end your turn with the option to FORWARD exactly 1 unused Gold card to the top of your deck.

- For a 2-player game, the game INCLUDES Casualty of War, and it ends when the Retreat card is revealed OR a player kills 9 Invaders. 

- Fixed the potential misunderstanding in the rule book: The STARTING THREAT LEVEL only occurs once, at the start, and is never used again during that game.

How does the Terror Die work?!

Other than for the circumstances below, the Terror Die is rarely moved.


- Starting Threat Level - Only once, at the start of the game, the Terror Die is rolled by the starting player to set the initial Terror Count. This roll results in certain cards being added to your initial discard pile according to "Starting Threat Level" in Chapter 4 of the rulebook.

- Skeletal Soldiers - This Invader triggers the roll of the Terror Die when it appears. This sets a new Terror Count but has no effect on the "Starting Terror Count".

- Terror Count - Increase during the game, the Terror Die increases in number each time Terror cards move from your hand, into your discard pile. Example: If 2 Terror cards move from your hand to the discard pile, the Terror Die is increased by +2.

How do you determine the game-leader if the points are hidden?

In the case of Event card effects, the game-leader is determined by the number of Invader cards they've collected. Not by the hidden Glory Points. If there is a tie for Invader cards, then it's who has the most Gold-Level Invader cards. If there is still a tie, those tied leaders will all be affected by the Event.

Do you increase the Terror Die as soon as you draw the cards?

The Terror Die is only increased once a Terror card moves from someone's hand into their discard pile.

Is there any way to defend against Terror?

Yes. Some Defenders allow you to avoid Terror on an attack. Also some Action cards allow you to discard Terror cards. There is no way to intentionally trash Terror cards.

If you play an Action card that gives you +1 Buy, can you Campaign and Buy (with your additional +1 Buy)?

Nope. A card that gives you "+1 Buy" simply allows you to add an extra Buy to your Buy option.

What if the game ends and there is a tie for most Glory Points?

The tied player with the most number of Gold Invaders wins. If there is still a tie, the player with the most completed number of Campaign Cards win. If a tie remains, then wow, then those tied players win! Hooray!

What happens if I don't complete all my Campaign Cards?

Nothing. No points will be deducted. Campaign away!

Why are you guys listing the age range for the game at 14+?

The game art and theme are quite dark and maybe a bit scary for younger kids. But many parents find this game suitable for younger kids. Do what you want. 

Is it possible to play with more than 6 players?

No. The game is designed with enough cards for 6 players max. But if you feel like modifying it on your own, anything is possible.

Where can I buy the Kickstarter Warrior, Victory, or Hero version of Draconis Invasion? 

Unfortunately these were Kickstarter Backer exclusives only available on Kickstarter, or on Ebay, or at some rare conventions. To honor our backers, we will be keeping exclusives exclusive. 

What do I do when there are no more Blue/Gold Invader cards to reveal, and no negative effects to reveal?
When the Blue Invader cards or Gold Invader cards run out, no negative effect is revealed by the next card, because there is no next card. So, nothing happens. 
When Betrayal is used and the attacking player cannot kill the Invader, what happens?
If an attacking player has chosen their target but is unable to defeat it due to a Betrayal, their turn is over. The player may not choose to kill another Invader. They miss their turn completely. Ouch.
Where are the Separator cards for the Kickstarter Add-ons?
For the add-on packs, blank Separators have been included. 
If many Terror cards keep appearing on one turn, is it possible reveal more than one Event card?
Yes! For example, if the Terror Die is currently at "5" and someone plays "City Siege", due to this card effect, everybody around the table has to discard their hands down to 4 cards. If 7 Terror cards were discarded, the Skull will appear twice. So 2 Event cards are handed to the next player, who will then reveal them at the beginning of their turn. 
Can multiple Campaign cards be used to score for the same killed Invader?

No. Once an Invader is used to complete a Campaign card, the Invader cannot be used again for another Campaign card. Example: To complete 2 Campaigns for "WYVERN x 1", you will require 2 Wyvern kills.

I have extra black and white cards. What's up?

These black and white cards are the Randomizers. They are identical to the actual playing cards in the game, which are colored. Check out page 16 under "Battle Stage X" in the rule book. You can use them to create random Battle Stage setups.

Are Campaign cards kept face-up or face-down?

Campaign Cards are kept face-down, hidden from your opponents. Only at the end, when points are counted, do you reveal your completed Campaign cards to count Glory points.

If I'm playing a Stone Titan, which Invaders can I kill?

Your Stone Titan can cumulatively do 60 Damage. You can kill multiple Invaders for a total Damage of 60. For example, you may kill 2 Hellhounds for 30 HP each. You can even add other Defenders to the Stone Titan's attack for more Damage.

Can a Terror card be randomly trashed with certain cards, like Dark Rising?

Yes! Boy, you must be lucky!

What are the Elder Stone cards?

These cards are found in the exclusive Kickstarter versions. Each player starts with an Elder Stone. Throughout the game, when a player reaches or surpasses a specific number of defeated Invaders, these cards allow them to immediately gain certain rewards.

What does "Gain" mean?

Gained cards come from the "Table" (shared pool of cards) and go straight to your "Discard Pile". There are 2 exceptions.

- If the card effect specifies an exception, follow that exception. Example: Sorceress states, "Gain 2 cards from your discard pile to the top of your deck."

- If the card effect says "Gain +1 card", then the card is drawn from the top of your deck

Have any other questions? Let us know!
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