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Core - Deck builder

Draconis Invasion: Base Game (VICTORY EDITION)

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This is a limited edition base game. It includes the base game, plus the exclusive:
  • 34 Warrior cards
  • 72 Victory cards
  • silver dice
  • art book

Gorgeous dark fantasy art and fast-paced strategic gameplay.

1-6 players | 45-60 mins | Ages 14+

Draconis Invasion is the ultimate deck-building game for one to six players and over 500 beautifully-illustrated cards. As noble commanders of the King's army, you must fight the forces of evil in this stunning medieval fantasy world.

When released, Draconis Invasion was ranked 6th in BoardGameGeek’s “Most-Anticipated Kickstarters of the Year”!

  • "Oh my gosh! This is really really good," (Undead Viking)
  • "The artwork is absolutely gorgeous. A very well-rounded game. I really enoyed it." (Bearded Meeple)
  • “A simply stunning game. If you enjoy easy-riding, smooth deck-builders, look no further.” (To The Table Reviews)
  • "Alot of these mechanics should exist in other deck-building games. We were a big fan." (Tantrum House Reviews)