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"This is my fave deck builder period! There is nothing better in this point in time. Great combos and great design." (rippelz4me, USA, Rating: 10)

"My all time fav go-to game for deck building. Nice twists, amazing artwork." (Rich6of1, Rating: 10)

"This game is amazing. It moves quickly and keeps players engaged. I love the countdown element with the Terror cards. It's also nice that every game has a new combination of cards and keeps you on your toes with finding new strategies." (jpolitis, USA, Rating: 9)

"Possibly one of the best deck building games. Simple layout and format with easy to understand rules. Excellent customer support from the creator." (oss1ncrp, USA, Rating: 10)

"A very enjoyable deck builder with a terrific tension that builds throughout the game. The solo play is balanced and one of my favorites." (quidom, USA, Rating: 9)



"A faster Thunderstone Advance!" (Rogan7, USA, Rating: 9)

"Long story short, it's like a streamlined, more efficient version of Dominion. If you like deck-builders, you'll definitely enjoy this one." (Nayr090, USA, Rating: 10)

"Played this with my group and had an absolute blast with it. Great theme and great art too. If you enjoy deck builders, play this game!" (hair10, USA, Rating: 9)

"Play is smooth and quick, and there is a ton of replay." (rvrbait, USA, Rating: 9)

"Love the artwork and gameplay. Plays best for 3-4." (Koendert, Netherlands, Rating: 9)

"AMAZING fantasy art, reasonably priced, fast paced, fun game!" (whavoc, USA, Rating: 9.7)

"A solid deck builder with amazing art and style. The cards offer some good variety, and the game is competitive without being too much about conflict." (PatBrad, USA, Rating: 9)

"LOVE it! Great deck builder with fabulous art!!!" (echarlie, USA, Rating: 9)

"Art is great and mechanics are good. Not your typical deck builder!" (mavrikhuntrx, Rating: 9)